Wearing brown shoes will lead to job losses in the UK

According to the British news in the UK, wearing brown shoes will lead to job losses or can not find work because the department is more concerned about the dress, manners, behavior pies instead of knowledge and practical skills.

Headquarters in the UAE “Arab TV” on the 1st speech entitled “to wear brown shoes in London will lead to job losses,” the report. Report quoted British government agencies – “Work Changes committee” main Ximililun saying, “It is very alarming that we see some agency heads in the selection of people, not to see whether the person has a talent and meet the requirements, but whether wearing brown shoes. ”

The committee’s report also noted that “there is a person to apply for an agency, responsible for recruiting leaders say: you are very good, but we do not like your tie a little too bright,” the report also said, “Some investment banks I do not want to, but the choice of the poor from the recruitment of young people from the elite class, the main pick from Britain sixty-seven established universities, many organizations selected staff members value the dress, manners and behavior pies, instead of being chosen people knowledge and practical work, especially financial institutions, wear brown shoes who have been blocked at the gate of these institutions. “

US rhino brand shoes

United States Rhino International Limited inherited the world’s cultural and artistic elements of fashion, and to be innovative, “MEIXI” brand into the United States and rhinoceros to modern civilization and modern aesthetics of fresh blood, so “MEIXI” rhino brand shoes, leather goods and other series of new products, romantic, leisure, natural, peaceful fashion style. Political officials and business elite to become the preferred brand of shoes.

US rhino “MEIXI” the expression of a brand held by some Americans feel romantic and passionate life, the human art to play every minute of sun cream, beauty fashion talent to create a life, American culture is the reflection of a projection . Consonance rhinoceros, the essence of the corporate collection, is the supreme strong company, is simple advanced processes and work environment is relaxed and flexible marketing strategy, is the classic enthusiastic attitude;. Collection Aura, professional elite groups, boutique elite. . cream guarantee customer confidence; reflect the collection, the quality and integrity of consumer protection.

MEIXI rhinoceros US shoe brand focused on men’s shoes, adhere to every process carefully crafted by the shoemaker, the choice of high-end leather material, to ensure that every pair of shoes with superb craftsmanship connotation of the quality and comfort vividly demonstrated. As China’s shoe industry leader, MEIXI US rhino brand shoes for many years fully committed to the shoes design and development, the establishment of a national research center, set up research and development offices in the US, Italy, Hong Kong, Guangdong, unmatched technology Advantage. Meanwhile, MEIXI US rhinoceros Group R & D center equipped with advanced NEWLAST last machine, and fully computerized open board, amplifier board procedures.

In addition, the production processes of blanking, system state, with the end of the same standardized production processes. Such a solid scientific research strength make rhinoceros US shoe brand in the field of leisure shoes show fist, has become a competitive brand shoes.

Custom leather shoes for customers based on their weights

Because the craft, Zhangrui Zhong had followed his master to Yunnan, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places to work hard. In 2002, Zhang Ruizhong back Zhongxian, rented a 20 square meters of facade, opened a specially crafted shoes shoe shop, the production of men and women all kinds of shoes.

Once, a customer find Zhangrui Zhong, requires the production of one pair of men’s shoes. After a good amount of customer size, lay the shoe model, leather cutting, sewing surface state, shoes molding, rubber sole, grinding patterns, such as 30 several processes, Zhang Ruizhong the shoes into the hands of customers.

But the customer’s feet too fat, wearing shoes feel a little wear foot. In fact, Zhang Ruizhong in the process of making shoes for the patrons made several calls, ask the customer a pair of shoes, but the customer refused to busy. This responsibility is not Zhangrui Zhong, but he still decided to re-create. Re-measure the customer’s size, open shoes, Zhangrui Zhong during incision, deliberately leaving a width on both sides of 3-5 cm, put on socks after such customers, there will be some free space.

Weight is an important factor to be considered in the design of shoes, according to customer Zhangrui Zhong weight, choose different thickness steel plate, then stuffed Ruanmian. Before shoes undifferentiated, Zhangrui Zhong let customers try on the right and then sewing, polished. Making a pair of shoes to 10 days or so.

Don is a beauty lady waited, like to wear high-heeled shoes, comfort shoes for demanding, her shoes were more than double the price per $ 1,000. But these expensive heel often have varying degrees of wear and tear, replacement heel, comfort is significantly impaired. Heard of them are skilled in the grinding heel, she would look over.

New products debut of ZEESIDADUN

Recently, he advocated “the pursuit of life fun, young and the pursuit of individual” brand concept fashion shoe brand ZEESIDADUN (Chinese name: lion statue Dandui) organized the “Tide fashion,” portrait unveiled new conference. ZEESIDADUN (Chinese name: lion statue Dandui) president and general manager as well as business partners and representatives join the festivities, feel the new wave of shoe culture.

With full of youthful vigor dynamic dance opening, as a representative of vigor, with the sexual freedom of the younger generation tide shoes brand –ZEESIDADUN (Chinese name: lion statue Dandui) to pop culture in the end, self-expression of personality, fashion detonated. Site group full of color values ​​young model, wearing self-taste, free and easy casual expression, as we presented an unusual tidal shoes fashion.

It is understood, ZEESIDADUN (Chinese name: lion statue Dandun), from 1912, the River Seine in Paris, France. January 2012, Lion statue Dandui Greater China operations center was established in Hong Kong. Mainland China operations center also set up at the same time in 2012. Lion statue Dandun inherit the French romantic free and easy style, and strive to every pair of shoes given its unique French charm and chic theme. Lion statue bears Dandui brand shoes men distinguished, stylish, romantic and free and easy features, its pure French style highly respected gentleman walks of life.

ZEESIDADUN (Chinese name: lion statue Dandun) in-depth consideration to the young urban population now living pressure, fast pace of life, committed to the pursuit of comfort and romantic, free and easy lifestyle. The trend in fashion into casual, comfortable and chic shape for consumers, free movement of footwear fashion. Lion statue Dandui exquisite workmanship, strict selection, fashion design, suitable for the majority of consumer spending philosophy, popular consumer groups of different ages between 20-50 years.

Two boys and a pair of leather shoes

A friend sent a video shoot for some seconds, the background picture, seems to be an open-air train station, a little boy wandering into the picture, his feet slippers dilapidated, one of them, shoes with soles separated. He had to pick up the tattered slippers, a jerky towards the corner and sat on the pier repair. Because of the link body of the shoe is too large cracks holes, fiddle waited a long time to no avail. Wandering boy desperation rise, just double-burnished leather shoes flashed from the eyes.

The boy is wearing shoes, brand new dress the body, it is obviously a spoiled rich kid, catch the train neck at the parents carry. Wealthy boy a regard for his feet the new shoes, despite repeated urging parents constantly stoop wipe with a paper towel. This pair of brand new shoes in white socks against the background appear black and shiny. Difficult to see from wandering boy’s eyes, he was envious of how, and how eager he is to have such a nice pair of shoes.

Just wandering boy grinning occasion vision, shortness railway station bell rang. The rich people of the little boy, from the rest of the seats up, the parents followed the train, because many people crowded, a wealthy boy’s shoes were squeezed out and landed on the platform, because it is a small station, a man on completion, the train slowly started wandering boy stunned for a moment, hesitating walked to the bird shoes, he carefully lifted the bird shoes, cherished and looked at the one, shook his head, immediately catch the train.

Brazilian President has bought shoes and toy dog in Hanzhou

Taiwan media said, went to Hangzhou to attend the G20 summit in Brazil’s new president Temer 3rd steal shopping department store, bought a toy robot dog, but also to start one pair of men’s shoes.

According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” reported September 4, G20 summit in Hangzhou 4 debut on the eve of his party arrived Temer 3 afternoon Hangzhou Yan’an Road, Hangzhou Intime, in the absence of deliberate cleared stroll about 50 minutes.

Reported that Temer first to the third floor men’s counters pick shoes, stay twelve minutes after departure. The toy area, he spotted a Chinese-speaking, singing and dancing, but also using a mobile phone remote control toy robot dog, buy after the demonstration staff immediately.

After starting the toy robot dog, Temer men went back to the counter and picked up a pair of brown leather shoes looked for a moment, followed by an entourage of Chinese Shao Ting asked the salesperson on duty there are size 39 shoes can try. Shao Ting said in an interview afterwards, she took a pair of shoes 39 to Temer try, “he put in the ground step on step, to buy.”

Ting Shao said before checkout entourage told her that the customer name is the President of Brazil. She then expressed the hope that Temer and posed for pictures, Temer also readily promised.

British handmade shoes worth treasuring

For centuries, handmade has been symbol of high quality. Every stitch in the hand craftsman devoted not only the superb artistry, more integrated into the classical heritage of dedication.

Representatives of the old imperialist classical and old-fashioned British nobles obsessed with the legend of the process between the fingers, more craftsmen to strive for excellence, demanding perfection. Handmade boots industry has been uphold the use of high quality materials, handmade shoes and shoe-making ideas to stick to tradition, attracting a large number of loyal customers.

Full hand made shoes in command of the British national treasure quality footwear brand Church ”s, has 134 years of history, set a classic British style and elegant style, made extraordinary arts, even the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and James Bond are with family, but also attracted the world’s leading luxury design brand PRADA Group’s favor. Bullock as its most popular shoe styles are popular unabated until today.

Church’s has introduced new design still today, it is home to the world’s shoes are directly from the hands of retailers located in Northampton County plant. Founded in 1880, it has a century of history by hand, and Goodyear handmade leather shoes famous strip. As early as 2012, the Royal Loake get certified the royal Queen brand.

Articles about shoes on Instagram

Usually on Friday, posting Instagram on fashion will reach a peak, accounted for one week post the amount of 17%. The general on Tuesday, stylish user posted relatively low, accounting for only 12% of the total posted total.

From the fashion category of view, Instagram discussed was the hottest single product is shoes, accounting for 27% of all posts, followed by dresses, this ratio is 25%. Behind shoes and dresses were tops, jeans and skirts, their proportion is 16%, respectively, 8% and 8%. Topics swimwear, knitwear, trousers and it was a lively discussion, but a smaller proportion.

From the material point of view, this summer, cowboy European users to share and use labels up to a single product.
Followed by lace, fringe, suede, fringed and flashing sequins.

“Denim is still in Germany, is the fire, while lace in France more fire, especially in the loose white skirt and white jacket, also in the little black dress of lace is also often used.” The report explains.

In addition to consumer data, the report also summarizes some of the fashion brand aspects of the data. The report shows that most of the fashion brand on Instagram post three times a day, up to 4 times.

Foot fitness shoes for the elder people

“I never thought there designed specifically for the elderly sneakers, I want to give mom and dad to buy two pairs each.” Yesterday, the people Mr. Zhu breath buy four pairs of sports shoes, plus donated two pairs, 6 pairs shoes and filled a big bag.

90 after the girl Xiao Zhao is a filial child, just to work for two months, always I love Mid-Autumn Festival would like to give her grandmother a table filial piety, but my grandmother has diabetes, moon cake dessert like can not eat, she saw the newspaper introduced said the newspaper was selling shoes elderly, do not hesitate to buy a pair of the most expensive.

Staff for small Zhao Jieshao said: “the elderly man must wear special shoes, pick shoes should follow the forefoot width shoes tough, hard heel of principle, the shoes must have non-slip, shock absorption balance, comfortable and breathable lightweight function, but also durable. pick the shoes can reverse the observed hand, do not move or twist twisted into a braided not work. ”

The launch of the foot Fitness health shoes in the style and color is also very delicate and diverse. Liu Lao originally only buy a pair of gray Dongkuan, look after the summer section is also very affordable, but also brought in a pair of gray summer models.

The staff said, the introduction of dynamic foot Fitness, leisure, fly weaving, walking, six super, home and many other styles of older shoes, different styles, different functions.

Its Q has already chosen the best autumn shoes for you

Pointed shoes has been a piercing weapon was thin big legs, a lot of influx of people have had it in the poison, even fashion icon possessed by the new British prime minister pointed shoes are a favorite Aunt May. This fall, fashion shoes Its Q launched a series of high value Yan pointed shoes, animals sticks, buds, flash drill, gauze, anti-velvet elements combine to create their autumn elegant fashion.

In European history, there have been many examples of nobility guide fashion, and in terms of shoes, the rise of medieval pointed shoes is very typical. Reportedly pointed shoes originated in Poland, the long vamp carved with various patterns, ankle buckle belt wound was wearing such shoes at a leisurely stroll can be no easy feat.

With the development of the times, it is increasingly aesthetic changes, pointed shoes toe is no longer so abrupt, pointed shoes also have more shape changes, and for centuries its charm is unabated. Pointed shoes not only the appearance of tiny detail, the more people feel elegant, let the feet become slender look, there stretched the role of height. Especially designed shallow mouth pointed shoes, starting from your toes to expose most of the foot, but also visually lengthen the leg line.